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Technical details of slip ring

Slip ring is a connector which responsible for power and signal transmission from the rotate interface. According to the transmission medium, slip ring can divide into electrical slip ring, fluid slip ring, fiber ring, but also popular collectively referred to as "spin communicating" or "spin through". Slip rings are typically mounted on the rotating center equipment, mainly made of rotating and stationary parts. It is also called rotary electrical connector, rotating electrical joints.

Machinery equipment under 360 ┬░continuous rotation motion, need power supply and control signal. For example, 380v power supply, 24v signal, fiber optic data transfer, Ethernet signal, sometimes we also need to transfer gas, fluid and other media. As you know, power and signal is necessary for equipment during running, but the problem is how to transfer the power in the rotation system, if only use a complete wire cable, it is never be work, even it is workable, would cost much of wires and cause damage in long time working. So it must be have a rotary connector that combine with the rotary system, then the connector will run with the system, and also can transfer power and signal, in this case, the slip ring is perfect for you.

A few decades ago the country has a mature design technology and mature production plant for "collector ring" or "slip ring", but the main function is to transfer high current, using brushes against the brass ring technology. Disadvantages: limited to transfer high current, and due to friction, will produce large amounts of carbon alloy powder, require regular cleaning or replacement of the carbon brushes. So the slip ring emerged, which used in all kinds of industry, also known as electrical brush, slip rings, rotary electrical joint, dedicated to the continuous rotation of the unrestricted transfer power and signal. Depending on the overall structure, it can divided into the through hole series(On a rotating body to dig a hole, install slip ring), capsule series (flange mounted), the separation series, flat plate slip ring, mercury slip ring, special-slip ring and so on.

Slip ring, more use of the multi-purpose, high-precision performance, multi-continuous rotation high-end industrial electrical equipment. Such as: radar communications equipment, medical equipment, automatic processing equipment, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment, cable equipment, play equipment, display equipment, smart cameras, chemical reactors, crystal furnace, wire stranding machines, windmill, manipulator, robot, Shield machine, the revolving door, meter, model aircraft, special vehicles, ships and so on. Slip ring provides reliable power and signal transmission solutions in these rotary system. You can also say: slip ring is a sign of advanced intelligent motion equipment.

Cosmau slip ring, also can be made into various special shape, the hybrid transmission power, fiber optic, fluid, gas, such as: special shaped, large shape, twin gears, power and pressure of fluid mixing, electricity, sound, temperature sensors, fiber optic transceivers, pressure gauges, pneumatic components, combined into a multifunctional assembly of electrical parts, in order to save space and simplify the structure of the special requirements of the design.