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Through Bore Slip Ring To Meet Your Needs

Hollow shaft slip ring is also called through bore slip ring , come mainly from the construction division. The difference between hollow shaft slip ring and other types is the through hole in the slip rings. We design this series slip ring is for the customer can easy install and better to use slip rings. For example, some customers need set in a fixed shaft when using the slip ring, so slip ring must design with a through hole to meet this requirement. Slip rings hollow shaft aperture, diameter, circuits, the current size, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements.

STR Series slip ring, through-hole diameter 12.7 ~ 300mm, an outer diameter of 56 ~ 430mm, can top to 120 circuits, all aluminum housing. Support 2A / 5A signal, 10A / 20A , 600VAC / VDC power. STR series slip ring with the world's advanced fiber brush technology, the brush bundle using high-performance precious metal alloys, self-lubricating, low friction, no wear residues, low noise advantages, because the brush bundle comprising a plurality of brush filaments can be maintained with multiple points of contact metal ring through a plurality of brush bundles. According to itself flexible to maintain a certain pressure, may reduce the maximum contact pressure and friction coefficient, and the materials and surface brush bundles and metal ring made very demanding, improve efficiency and reduce electrical conductivity the contact pressure, to ensuring the stability of the slip ring performance and durability.

1. 360 ┬░ smooth rotation unrestricted fully meet the image, current, signal and data transmission
2. Precious metal wire material; wear guarantee a long working life - one hundred million transfer, maintenance-free
3. Complete product line of high-end quality, excellent of service
4. Advanced filament technology; gold multiple points of contact to ensure that the signal, current data is stable
5. Compact design without interference, high-performance, low-torque, low noise, smooth operation and reliable
6. Reliable after-sale service, custom slip ring is availbale

STR slip ring applications:
1. Industrial machine: machining centers, Winder, end processing machines
2. Turn the tables: battery machinery, filling machine, blowing machine, rotary printing machine
3. Cable reel: port machinery, heavy crane, construction machinery, tower
4. Test equipment: test bench centrifugal separation machine
5. Robot: packaging equipment, stackers, process control equipment, emergency lighting equipment
6. The exhibition / display equipment: Auto booth, revolving doors, product stand, revolving restaurant
7. Medical equipment: surgical light