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Wind Turbine Slipring Installation Precautions

Standardized processes and security matters is the company's top priority, the company will be a regular development of safety regulations and codes of practice site for the slip ring businesses, the need for technical personnel to the scene when installed, such as wind power slip ring commissioning and installation must be in strict accordance with regulations to operate the site. According to the National JGJ46-2005 specification, in order to strengthen the construction site power management, security construction site electrical safety to prevent electric shock accident, the enactment of this measure.

1. Must be according to specifications, standard operating personnel to install safety technology training procedures before installation.
2. Under construction outside of the foreign high-voltage line does not meet the safety distance should be added masking barrier, fence or other protective safety net.
3. The construction site dedicated neutral point directly grounded TN supply line must be implemented then zero protection system, and must be done three control two levels of protection, electrical boxes for the standard box gates and take rain, moisture measures.
4. Electrical equipment according to the system requirements, do protect access to zero.
5. Must hold a valid certificate posts full-time electrician, responsible for site management and temporary power of the demolition.
6. Transferred to the new site electrical equipment before installation, inspection and testing must be carried out, after testing qualified before being put into use.
7. Full-time electrician electrical equipment on-site daily inspections, project department weekly, monthly construction electricity system, leakage protection system to conduct a comprehensive inspection.
8. The place around the distribution box located in dry and ventilated not stack anything interfere with operation and maintenance, and equipment to be controlled with a fixed distance must not exceed 3 meters. Install and use by "a machine, a gate, a box, a drain" principle, cannot simultaneously control two or more devices, or prone to misuse accident.
9. Power distribution box should be marked with its name, purpose, and make shunt flag, doors should be equipped with a lock, stop the job site within one hour of time, you should switch off the lock box.
10. Set up special lighting circuit leakage protection, lighting metal shell do then zero protection, interior wiring and lighting installation height of less than 2.5 m should use safe voltage. In the lighting power wet and accessible live parts must use safety voltage, electrical equipment or lay-out must meet the requirements, and to ensure good insulation, cannot be dragged to any occasion.
11. The line should be required aisle overhead or underground, damage aging lines are not allowed to use.
12. The use of portable electric tools and concrete vibrators, must provide protective equipment worn insulation.
13. Who engaged in electricity-related construction work, it must implement electrician attendant jobs.