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How To Replace Wind Turbine Slip Ring

With the advent of low-carbon economy, the application of high-power multi-megawatt wind turbines, is gradually becoming the mainstream of our country and the world, and is the core component of wind turbine power generators. Replace the slip ring is an important aspect for wind turbine maintenance during the life. Currently megawatt wind turbine slip ring replacement, the generator with a crane lifting height from 70 meters to the ground to replace the slip ring, the cost was very high and would take much time. When the ground to replace the slip ring, slip ring disassembly hydraulic drawing slip ring forms; slip ring assembly using the oven heating method. Slip ring during heating, because the temperature's sake, can damage the insulation of slip ring, resulting in failure of the slip ring. To achieve overhead replace the slip ring (that is, not the generator hanging to the ground), operating in the wind turbine nacelle, no heating equipment to ensure and sufficient room for maneuver, due to the lack of a manual equipment in the cold state, so they cannot achieve the overhead replace slip rings.

Replace slip rings for the current drawbacks, Cosmau provides a motor replacement slip ring apparatus which can realize the cold state to replace the electrical slip ring, so that the wind turbine slip ring replacement overhead as possible. Technical solutions are as follows, slip ring fixed to the end face of the slip ring protection ring、slip ring protection ring threaded rod or motor shaft end face of the threaded connection with the threaded rod、cooperate with threaded rod nut、 the motor shaft end or threaded and slip ring protection ring a shaft shoulder screw jack, on which are threaded rod and threaded through the holes of the jack plate and the like.

Cold state replace the motor slip rings, make wind turbine slip ring replacement overhead as possible, saving hoisting expenses, lost income, transportation fees; reducing the failure of processing time, increase the utilization of generating units. A generator from the shelves, need 5-7 days, or even longer. The use of this device only 1-2 hours, saving labor costs, the use of this device to replace the slip ring just two people can easily complete. The use of existing methods, it would take 6-8 working hours to replace a generator. The program is especially suitable for high-power MW doubly-fed wind turbine slip ring replacement, can also be used for other electrical slip ring replacement.