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Wind Turbine Slip Ring Resistance Test

Wind turbine slip ring is part of a subclass of slip ring, and slip ring are high-tech products, has long been used in advanced military field, it also has been widely used in various fields of civil and industrial automation. Slip ring assembly using reliable, stable performance, high precision, current, compact, low noise, ring road, long life and easy installation, and therefore suitable for a variety of geographical features. Wind power slip ring operation, its main parameters will change their work stability, reliability, and sometimes have a significant impact.

Life of the wind turbine is generally up to 20 years. But the guarantee period of most wind turbines just the first two to five years. With the aging of wind turbine systems, not all of the wind farm owners are ready to prepare for maintenance of wind turbines. Some of the case is the lack of technical staff required for maintenance work. Moreover, even with the technical staff to meet the requirements of the wind farm routine maintenance, unplanned maintenance or significantly affect the earnings of wind farms. Wind farm owners, engineers, technicians and wind turbine manufacturers to reduce the risk of such an approach by unscheduled maintenance, namely those considered low maintenance, and can even tell when parts fail in advance. It sounds a bit unrealistic, but it is not.

In fact, if the wind turbine as a requirement to maintain a regular schedule, the slip ring replacement is maintenance-free fiber brush technology just 30 minutes to complete. For possession, design, operation and maintenance of wind turbines for people who fiber brush wind slip ring means less maintenance costs of wind farms. The most important technical parameters of two slip rings are dynamic contact resistance and insulation resistance between the conductive rings. It is described in detail below on the two main technical parameters of detection methods.

How dynamic contact resistance test? Wind power slip ring dynamic contact resistance, that is the resistance between the wire brush and ring leads, provided that the slip ring must be rotated. Detection methods are as follows: the measured slip ring is attached to the detection of the turntable, the turntable driven by the motor, so that the slip ring in the case of continuous rotation with a multi-meter to detect. Parallel welded wire brushes, the brush lead to a detection terminal, ring leads to another detection terminal, use a multi-meter to connect the two detection terminals, this detects that the t value of the dynamic contact resistance.

How to detect insulation resistance? Insulation resistance, that is, at a certain voltage insulation resistance between each loop. Available for about 500 V megger testing methods are as follows: the test loop in which a detector ring leads regarded as the end, the remaining ring leads regarded as another parallel detection terminals, with about 500 V can be use megohm meter to get the value of the resistance.